Vision & Mission

United Way movement was founded in 1876 as non-profit, tax exempt organization with approximately in 45 countries today. Yayasan Mitra Mandiri Indonesia as United Way Indonesia has operated to help those in need since 1995.

Vision        High quality of life for every Indonesian.



To bring together business corporations private citizens and local community organizations in a partnership to empower those in need to reach self – reliant.



To donors our commitment is to provide assurance that their contributions are being well spent. The generosity if donors can be transformed into support for project striving to help solve grassroots program.









We need to find innovative solutions for current social challenges. Caring alone is not enough, we need to do our role – pool our resources, work together with a focused and coordinated plan of action that emphasizes concrete results. We realized that many of us willing to help, however all assistance should be managed professionally and transparently to ensure that contributions are spent for the intended purposes. Yayasan Mitra Mandiri Indonesia is ready to act as a partner between donors and NGO’s involved in community projects. We trust that you will join us to help “Those who are helping them selves, enabling them to travel further along the road towards self-reliance”.


Yayasan Mitra Mandiri Indonesia is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-political organization. Its main objective is to help individuals and organizations to develop towards self-reliance. It is affiliated with the United Way Worldwide Movement which was established since 1876 noted as one of the largest organizations of its kind in the United States.

Yayasan Mitra Mandiri Indonesia was incorporated as an Indonesian legal entity on 24 October 1995. Numerous plans to help the needy are on hand for assessment. But, as implicative by the name, our foundation will help only those who are willing to develop themselves towards self-reliance. This is central in our strategic plan as reflected in our mission statement. However, we cannot do this alone, we need involvement of others to help us helping those in need to become self-reliant. ("Mitra Mandiri" means "Partner for Self-reliance"). Our organization is professionally managed. The Board of Directors consists of respected individuals well noted in their own rights-educators, social leaders, entrepreneurs, business and government executives, and various other leaders in the society. Implementation of our work programs is transparent. We adopt a participative style of management. Our accounting book is subject to audit by certified public accountants. We reserve the rights of donors to ascertain the funds collected are well spent.



Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 17th fl.
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA.
Pondok Indah, Jakarta 12310.

Telp/WA 083813345976