How We Partnering

The YMMI offers a supervision, and a financial assistance program for developments projects designed to meet the needs of grassroots community by the Non Government Organizations (NGO’s). Outlines the objectives, procedures, and other requirements for obtaining assistance under YMMI program.


Any non-government organization that is non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit organization that looking towards too self-reliance and have a sustainable program to meet the needs of the grassroots community is eligible recipients.


As long as the NGO’s has program for the grassroots assistance, it can be YMMI support. However today we are more concern to the projects in the following area:
  • Health
  • Education
  • Income Disparity
  • Disaster


If your organization satisfies the condition describe above and you want to receive YMMI assistance, please  fill in the application  form A1 click here (application form) and form B1 (for voluntier support)  fill in the application and also give us the following information:

  1. Detailed budget for the project
  2. Feasibility study for the project
  3. Map or project site
  4. Brochure and a copy of the regulations of your organization
  5. Program history (if any) / Track Record


YMMI criteria of NGO’s and projects:

  1. The project must be sustainable and will be appreciated if YMMI can have detailed description of the pass achievements
  2. YMMI can not provide funding for office overhead costs. In order to self-reliance the NGO’s should have sufficient funds to cover running costs
  3. Narrative report should be actively schedule every three months in detailed to YMMI. And the publication and visiting programs should be provided by NGO’s
  4. Finance Report every month


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